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"Secret Life" Feedback #2

21 November 2006
Here is some more feedback from the email/blog I wrote entitled, “My Secret Life of Discipleship”. I got the question yesterday of why all the feedback that I sent in “Feedback #1″ was generally positive. It was because at that point (and at the point that I assembled the next couple of collections) all of it has been positive. I have some in my inbox that I received more recently with some challenging (I wouldn’t say negative) questions/comments, and they are forthcoming in the order that I received them.
Let me add that I am SO grateful for the dialogue and sharing…and the challenging yet loving way that anything that might be considered “negative” has come. May we all be sharpened and molded into the image of Christ.

“Excellent.  I believe my family and I are one of you!  Let me know when you find the way to make the minority the majority. For that minority, could it be that the minority is actually the majority, but the (perceived) majority is perpetuating the opposite belief?” – 40ish Bi-lingual minister in an inner city Church of Christ

Amen Brian!  And that’s not a silent, under-my-breath, b/c I am a woman, Church of Christ amen, either!  I am so glad you had the courage to send this one out. This is exactly how I feel, as I get more and more frustrated with the current church we are involved in. It’s not just this church, but all CofC’s…and I am embarrassed by the teachings of all else but Jesus and our call to disciple others.  It makes me cry to think I am “stuck.”  Thanks be to GOD for others amongst our fellowship that feel like this!!  It keeps me hanging on!” – 30ish mom who married a student/friend/son from my youth ministry of yester-year

Have you read [“Revolution” by George Barna]? It is entirely along the line of your blog post. Barna writes about a “new breed” of American Christians who are completely dedicated “to being thoroughly Christian by viewing every moment of life through a spiritual lens and making every decision in light of biblical principles. These are individuals who are determined to glorify God every day through every thought, word, and deed in their lives.” He calls them revolutionaries and explains why they are just that in American Christian culture today. I wondered, “we’re revolutionary?” I just thought we were reaching for Jesus. Unfortunately, I guess that is revolutionary. I did use to be nervous about shifting away from my commitment to the “church of Christ” I was raised in to being the church of CHRIST in reality. But I love the people who planted the seeds of my faith–as I know you do–and believe I was no worse off than anyone else for being part of this fellowship. However, I know I can’t go back to who I was before, when my allegiance was to a particular sign over the door. It’s all or nothing for me now.” – 40ish Church of Christ minister’s wife


“You spoke to my heart—-what beautiful thoughts and I totally agree.  I believe that it grieves our Lord when we study his word and set standards and rules that He never intended.  We need to keep in mind His simple truth—love God and love others (that includes everyone—no exceptions). ” – 55ish long time sister in the Church of Christ

“I just wanted to let you know how much we both appreciate what you personally are doing and how refreshing your approach is.  Both of our dads were shepherds in the church and I have also served as a shepherd.  We have made a big move in our lives and we are sort of taking things slowly and quietly at this point on purpose.  We have not “placed” our membership yet, as we continue to walk together with our Lord, but we’re praying about that and many things. I have not responded to any of your earlier articles, but I feel compelled to let you know now that I am digesting your article and it has provoked me to many thoughts.  One thought that I immediately have as I close is you should never wonder if you will get to stay in the Church of Christ…membership in the church that is actually “of Christ” is not decided by man, but by our Master…regardless of where we are.” – a really cool brother and guest at the church I run with currently


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