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Keep. On. Moving.

23 February 2011

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. Honesty is telling the truth to other people.” – Spencer Johnson

“The man dedicated to integrity finds himself always travelling. And the man dedicated to honesty attracts others who want to go and repels those that like where they are too much. ” – Yours Truly

At my core, I am a traveler.

Is it because I am a traveler that I have made my life about truth and honesty? Or has making my life about truth and honesty made me a traveler? I’m not sure.

At any rate, along the proverbial road of my most recent journey, I have come upon a “town” that has sucked me into liking it so much that it threatens my travels. It could kill my spirit, energy, and gusto. It could threaten my mission, character, and priorities. Liking something too much (anything really: an idea, a possession, a person, a way of doing things, a certain income level, etc) can attach me to it in a way that it could steal my very life!

The temptation to “have things figured out” or “stay within known parameters” is so large and looming with it’s convenience, consistency and perceived safety that, for many, it is worth giving up on both integrity and honesty, which demand constant movement, change, and challenge.

But at my core, I am a traveler.

So…like I say to myself when I am out running a few miles and want to quit, I say it to myself again…

Keep. On. Moving.

And I am completely clear that these words do not come from me.

My Life, The Best Life

5 Comments to “Keep. On. Moving.”

  1. Brian it hard to shoot and hit a moving target. Life brings shots from those we least expect. Keep on moving and running. The goal at the end of the run is very much worth the effort. Baba

    • To add a little tidbitt: Stacy has uncovered that Ju;2ian&#8l17ls wife has taken a boyfriend of her own, while her looser husband is in jail. So the wife can stop the drama.

  2. Brian
    I couldn’t agree more. I like the journey though. Challenging and rough at times but always exciting. Thank you for your insight. I’m inspired.

    Carrie Berry

  3. Thank you Brian , we are getting your message s here . May God bles you. Farai Mlambo

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