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Parting with Old Stories

12 January 2011

I posted here about my next big adventure with my oldest son, so I won’t tell you again about that being the motivation for the sale of these cool books. For those new to my blog, I’m a way, way, way amateur collector of old books. I enjoy it, but I’m not so committed to these “old stories” that I don’t gladly give them up to finance the writing of some new stories with my kids.

These books for sale span 4 centuries of human history.

1669 Feast for Worms1


This one was published in the 1600s!


1767 The Spectator 001


This one in the 1700s.


1886 Hitchcocks Analysis of the Bible 001


This one was printed in the 1800s.


Bacons Essays Tozer Autograph 003


This one is quite special. Printed in the early 1900s, it is signed by Rev AW Tozer. (I re-listed this because it didn’t hit my obviously too optimistic reserve last time. I’ve lowered it to $200).


1964 The Holy Spirit 001


And this one is from the 1960s, another very cool piece of Church of Christ/Restoration Movement history. Like new.


Thanks to those of you who consistently bid (or forward these on to people who do) when I do this.

On another note of gratitude, the December invitation to give the Christmas gift of survival meals to hungry orphans and widows in Zimbabwe resulted in the provision of over 75,000 meals!

I can’t thank you all enough.

I love and appreciate you.

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