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The Prayer of Jakin (not Jabez)

11 November 2010

“Dad, here. Take this paper and write down this prayer.” – my son Jakin, 6 years old, before I wrote what’s below, on a Sunday

Jakin's Book 003


Dear God:

I love you. I wanted to say, I liked church. And I thank you for letting us have this special day for us. And I thank you for making us to have this life. And I pray for Jesus and God to have fun up there in Heaven. And I pray that you get more powerful everyday. And I thank you for taking our sins away.

In Jesus name, Amen.

From: Jakin



I love ya, buddy! You are pretty much one of the best people I know, too!

My Family, Prayer, The Best Life

8 Comments to “The Prayer of Jakin (not Jabez)”

  1. Lord, increase Jakin’s territory!

  2. I love your kids! and I love their parents very much. God knew what he was doing when he blessed you with kids like this and them with parents like you. Love ya,

  3. Now let’s see, Who was it Who said, “Except you become as little children…”

  4. Jeanne Sternenberg

    Brian you inspire all of us with your stories of your children!

  5. So precious!! And, so awesome!!

    I am speechless; but so thanking and praising my Father!

    Jakin, you are one of the best grandchildren of in my world!! I love the way you show your love to our Father in your letter!


    • Jakin, the last time I saw you your were 2, I think. You are growing in the spirit of our Lord. May your love grow and grow for God and Jesus. I love you.

      Your Great Aunt,
      Helen Noblitt

  6. Brian, thanks for sharing your children with the rest of us. Trust me, you will remember some but forget most of the wonderful things they say unless you write them down. I just get this great picture of the Trinity smiling down on Jakin with their hand on his head blessing him as he has praised and worshipped them. Looking forward to seeing what God does with their amazing faith!

  7. Charis Merryman (one of your cousins)

    Jakin, thank you for your sincere and sweet heart. Like your great aunt, Helen (my mom), the last time I saw you was when you were 2 years old and you were an absolute cutie. You are growing up to be a handsome young man and, most importantly, you are continuing to grow strong and handsome from within. You are a blessing.

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